I stare into your deep eyes.  Almost an abyss.  Alone, you and I,  Swimming in the mist.  Grass painted green,  This we almost miss.  For you and i are focused,  On each other’s Oculus.


Nothing is beyond us. Nothing is before us,

Nor after us.  Nothing leads to us,   And we are not leaving.

Only you and I. Only love.


The moment is ours,  The Lighting is fixed,   And the world is still.   No hours, no minutes.  Not time, nor space exist.

So The world is still.

No one YELLING.Nothing beeping.Nothing lurking.Nothing creeping.

Not a soul,

Besides our soul.

Not a rush, just

Simply us.


Not hate.  Nor worry.  No anxiety.  No hurry.

Not slow,  Nor fast.  No negative,   No stress.

No host,Nor guest.

You are with me.

I am with you.

And that is



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