My Brief Story

I’m honestly not sure where or how I should start my posts here. I’ve learned that, sometimes, its best to just dive in….

I think It is important for me to be very open about my life. My background, my experiences, my relationships, my triumphs, my heartbreaks… all these have made some contribution towards building who I am today, as well as who I will be tomorrow. To truly understand who someone is and why they are who they are, I really believe that people must first develop some understanding of someone’s background and what they have been through.

I was born in Abilene, Texas to a very loving family. I had two older brothers and an older sister, but there was about a six year gap between my age and my closest sibling’s. Kline, the oldest, is a very analytical and hard working type. He loves to learn all the rules to a game and then plays the game as diligently and as effectively as possible. Then Bryn is my open minded, spiritually sound, and oh so loving sister. Shes filled with wide-eyed curiosity and is so adventurous that she once randomly moved to Thailand for a few years. (psh haha.. bon voyage sis!) And then there’s Cole. the all american, center of the party and loud mouth on the golf course. Through charm or charisma, he can make a friend out of anyone.

My Parents, Eric and Danna, raised us all to be kind, gentle, and loving. They also raised us to be competitive, outspoken, and adventurous.

I acknowledge that my family has played a critical role in my development. I can be analytical like Kline, adventurous and free like Bryn, and as outgoing and unforgiving as Cole.

My parents love to travel and fortunately they were generous enough to bring me along. I have seen the whales of Cabo leap out from the sea of cortez. I have surfed the waves of Hawaii. I rode the intelligent elephants of Thailand. I have Explored the graffiti filled alleyways of Melbourne Australia. I’ve drank the wines of Tuscany, as well as Napa. I’ve floated the canals of Venice, and I’ve roamed the streets of Rome. I have sailed the seas of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. I have walked through the Acropolis, the Coliseum, Vatican, as well as the Uffizi Gallery. I have snowboarded and rock climbed all around the North American Rockies. I drank cold beers as the sun set over Barcelona. I have Angled for trout in an Argentine rain forest. I have played the links of the Scottish opens. And, I grew up in Abilene, TX.

A modest west Texas town.

I went through Texas Christian University and earned a degree in Economics, Philosophy, and Energy. This is where I found my love and appreciation for writing. I realized that its a worthwhile skill to have. So, I developed this website as a place to work on my writing skills, develop my ideas, share my story, and grow as an intellectual.

Currently, I live in Dallas working as a market analyst. I’m obsessed with observing the behavior of markets, as well as people.

I am so grateful to have lived the life that I have. I have experienced so much and I am still so young. There are so many more adventures coming my way. So, I’m very excited to be able to bring some of my stories, ideas, and life lessons to you. I hope to hear some of your stories, ideas, and lessons in return.

-Ethan Oliver

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