“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” —Wayne W. Dyer

I Believe it is more important in life, to strive for Peace rather than happiness.

Happiness is a fleeting emotion. Sad things, like Death, inevitably happen. It’s not easy to be happy while in some serious pain. Even Jesus Wept. For me Jesus is a divine representation of mankind. That is the reason for that short verse… Weeping is common among all humans, because pain and suffering is common among all humans. Everyone has dark days and hard times.

I wouldn’t change that though. We’re strengthened through adversity and challenges. I’ve heard people described as anti fragile. When we “break”, people have a remarkable ability to mend and persevere. We’re so adaptable, it’s amazing. After being hurt and going through hard times people will often reemerge improved and upgraded. It’s a ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ sorta idea.

I want to acknowledge here that not all pleasure is good and not all pain is bad.

But in any case, it would be strange to see someone gleeful & happy while in a painfully bad experience, such as losing a loved one.Yet, It would be acceptable to see someone at Peace with losing a loved one.

I think the question becomes, What exactly is Peace? & How might we attain Peace, and can we retain Peace?

I want to argue that Peace is achieved through Accepting and Adapting.

I believe that as we develop acceptance and improve our ability to adapt we can frequently live in Peace.

Everyone must accept that we, as individuals, are not in control of most things in our lives. Death & tragedy appear when they shouldn’t, accidents occur often, and our environment is rarely compliant to our will. Letting go of what you can not control and accepting your lack of control is an important step towards Peace. It is silly to deny or to fight inevitable changes. Accepting that which is inevitable and uncontrollable is the first requirement of Peace.

The other requirement is Adapting. This is a major call to action. Adapting can be brutal and painfully challenging. Adapting can leave stains and scars. The definition of “adapt” is to become adjusted to new conditions. Modify. Make suitable for new purposes. Again, there are forces of nature that are merely uncontrollable. Change is inevitable. So we’re forced to adapt as we engage with new circumstances and foreign environments. It is chaos, right?

Its chaotic, but not hopeless.

Because we can adapt. Because we have control over our attitudes… control over our mindset… We are malleable, flexible, and anti-fragile. Life gets chaotic and uncontrollable, but there is always hope within the uncertainty.

We can take on the responsibility of the chaos and disarray occurring in our lives… I believe that we can impose order to that chaos. Ultimately, I believe there is a lot of meaning in that.

I think Peace is the optimal state-of-mind for deploying order. Peace is a great place to cope and to mourn, Peace is a great place to rebuild, & Peace is even a great place to celebrate and appreciate. Peace can be utilized in the worst of times, as well as in the best of times.

Generally speaking, there is nothing wrong with the pursuit of happiness. Everyone should prefer happiness over sadness for obvious and justifiable reasons. However, No one can be happy all the time. That is not practical. Yet I would bet, the majority of people endure the quest for perpetual happiness rather than Peace.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I know that I’m not the wisest, smartest, or most articulate guy on this planet. Sage.Express is merely a platform for me to express my thoughts and expose these rough drafts to open criticism. I’m truly just exploring random ideas and I really do appreciate your interest and support.

I hope you found something in this writing that is applicable to your life. Please comment or contact me if anything happened to strike a nerve, or if something really resonated with you.

I started writing this piece on Peace back in 2017. Its no where near a perfect message, but i think its time to expose these ideas to broader feedback.

I think the Buddhist message of universe suffering, hope, and Peace really are practical ideas. I enjoy engaging with ideas like the ones presented in the Video.

What I identify as “Peace” here might be different than your idea of Peace. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas regarding inner-Peace. Is it something worth striving for? Are Acceptance and Adapting the mechanisms that drive Inner peace? Can we be in a truly peaceful state of mind all the time? Please challenge me, poke some holes anywhere you can. This article is subject to alterations as my ideas and attitude towards Peace change over time.

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