There Is No Certainty: 2

“Adventure can Hurt you, But Monotony will Kill you”

Friday February 22, 2019

Soon I’ll be arriving in Barcelona and I am Fucking Stoked. I’m already taken back by the beauty spanning from the beach to the Pyrenees, as my plane loops around the Mediterranean coast. Currently I’m very anxious to be reunited with my close friend Bassel, who has lived in the city for two years. At this point he was fully integrated and welcomed as a local. He knew where to go, what to do, and how to do it.

I am fucking stoked.

The flight sucked…. for the life of me, I could not get comfortable for the entire 9 hours. After countless hours of back pain, elbow warfare and slight sleep deprivation, i finally made it. I am here to explore new territory. New Physical territory, as well as new Mental territory.

Cheers to Adventure.

A lot has changed since my last big adventure in Wyoming. Things in life rapidly change and sometimes the changes can leave the most stable person feeling insecure, anxious, and frightened.

I’ve been making some great changes in my life, but of course, change does not always come easy. I always try to look change in the eye with optimism. Sometimes change can be a little painful, but I try to see that pain as useful progress.  Channeling the pain into positive returns. Times of change are perfect opportunities to pour your heart and soul into your passions. I’m passionate about Traveling, snowboarding and many other things. Those passions have brought me here. To the beautiful city of Barcelona

Saturday February 23, 2019

I woke up confused. Sprawled out across Bassel’s couch. Drank a lot of delicious wine last night.

Now we plan on adventuring around the city and site see the hot spots. I’m excited to really soak in this beautiful place, so, bailing off the couch and into the streets wasn’t challenging… despite the delicious wine.

I love life, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

We walked through Montjuic Castle and gazed across the vast metropolis. So full of life, and yet seemingly so still from the crows nest we stood on. The people of Europe always pique my interest. Their culture, and social attitudes are very appealing to me. I’ve already met Bassel’s friends from France, Iran, Nigeria, Canada, Italy, London, Glasgow. Turns out this extraordinary city was overflowing with extraordinary people, and I am blessed to be meeting some of them.

Bassel is very well connected here. That became increasingly obvious as places continued giving him discounts. In addition to that, it seemed like every time we would walk around we would inevitably run into someone that he knew.  The people who populate his life are just as extraordinary as he is. They’re all so blatantly Independent and self reliant. That was a common theme among these acquaintances. Independence. It was inspiring and refreshing.

Sunday February 24th, 2019

Woke up at 5:00 AM…. on to La Molina …. Spain’s oldest ski resort.

La Molina was an incredible experience. The Snow was sorry & Rentals were worn. But the experience was simply wonderful.

During the 2 hour train ride I was able to see much of the Spanish country side. Peering out the window, I’d catch glimpsed of jagged Crags jutted out of the rolling hills. I marveled at the old and authentic villages, seemingly untouched by contemporary commotion…. aside from this hustling train. We rode with Bassel’s friend Fernando Rochie. He was a great snowboarder with an even more impressive personality. Funny, smart, and outgoing. I really enjoyed his company.

Tuesday February 26th, 2019

Bassel and I have spent the final day exploring the city again.

Over the week Bassel and I grew closer. We discussed life, family, women, economics, culture, politics, school, water, energy, food, travel experiences, careers, the good times, and the bad times and so on…. He has obviously built a lot of character while he’s lived in Barcelona. He seems so engaged in his academics, I can tell he really enjoyed complex discussions on Philosophy, Economics, as well as Political and cultural differences. A lot of topics that i’m passionate about. It was really deep, challenging, and thought provoking.

I interviewed Bass, yet it only lasted 15 minutes…. not two hours like I normally do. Honestly it was short, sweet, and exactly what was needed. My favorite part of the interview was when he presented a proverbial story about four injured soldiers. They were all dying and in need of water, but there was not enough water for each of the soldiers. So, Each one resisted the water hoping that the other soldiers would have enough water to survive. In true Shakespearean fashion all four soldiers die after trying to save their comrades.

I think the moral of the story is comradery. True friendship and brotherhood can drive us to making the ultimate sacrifices for those we love. There aren’t many things more powerful than love within a friendship. Relationships are something that provokes meaning in life. I believe that is a powerful thing to realize.

Bassel and I’s conversations helped me with my self reflection throughout the week. He has had his own change, suffering, and insecurities forced upon him. Denial and rejection can eventually do that to any man. Yet, We had a mutual understanding that hard times make us better.

We spoke of how beautiful life was in these challenging moments. Times of hardship and pain really make me appreciate times when I get to explore unfamiliar territory with one of my closest friends. And when we discussed the future we spoke with sheer optimism. 

What else is there to do? Sit around in self pity… wallowing in the victim mindset? When shit hits the fan, self destruction is not an appropriate course of action. Here we were exploring Barcelona, free as could be. We are no victims. That mindset doesn’t sit well in minds like Bassel’s and I’s.

I think about the Daoist idea regarding life. It is hard to judge whether events are blessings or curses when you are in the moment. Sometime change can jump out and bitch slap you. It hurts, initially. Yet now I am extremely grateful for those changes and for those tough times. Now I’m growing faster and healthier than ever.

I’ve been sick and dumb for the past few years of my life. My priorities were poorly placed… that’s been the focus and drive of my recent developments. My time in Barcelona has allowed me to analyze, accept, and adapt to my current situation.

Honestly, I’m still dealing with acceptance and adapting. And I always will be. Its tough. But it wouldn’t be rewarding if it was easy.

I am leaving Barcelona with newfound optimism, competence, and excitement. A New excitement for my life, for my adventures & passions, and for my people.

Since I’ve been burning down a large part of myself, I’ve recently been in a melancholic state. Sometimes I feel a bit down. Again, I try to see those times as times of extreme change and development. Its a weird place to be in. I have to make a conscious effort to direct that change and development towards the Ideal me. I want to realize my greatest potential. If I don’t make that conscious effort then I will become static, stale, and scared.

I almost feel guilty for not diving head first into self pity more often. Instead I choose to dive head first into uncertainty, adventure, and excitement. I’m shooting towards really significant, impressive, and exciting times. Life is too short to be stuck in self imposed misery.

I am on an amazing trajectory. I feel as though nothing is holding me back. Thank you to Bassel and Barcelona for helping me. Thank you to all my Friends, family, and the Adventures for offering limitless wisdom, and for helping me build my character.


A day after returning from Spain I received an invite to Almont Colorado for a ski trip on Crested Butte. Being the snow addict that I am, I accepted… So soon after landing back home in Dallas i Hopped in my truck… And drove over 25 hours or so. It was well worth just to see more of my closest friends…. not to mention over two feet of snow…. But the main thing is the the weekend trip was filled with comradery and brotherly love. These adventures are nothing without the people who populate them. The relationships in our lives, continuously enrich our lives. This was an excruciatingly exhausting Adventure. Even today (3/5/2019) I still feel the lingering fatigue inherited from the road trips and Jet lag. It feels good.

There Is No Certainty, Only Adventure

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