Oh how I miss the days

Where the days would come and fade away

Consistently with no lay-away.

Throw away the days

Spent in the sun having fun

And a lack of responsibility.

Now we walk, we don’t run

A lot of talk about how it used to be.

We say day but we mean time.

Time used to be free, no need

For a clock and calendar.

Hunt and gatherer

And the rest is free.

Oh how I miss what it used to be.

Used to coexist in this

Oh those days I miss.

Plains plentiful with no ridicule

peace, silence, and Gentle Whispers

In the garden

Until a hiss.

Then times hardened.

The days drew longer.

Pains pitiful, now in a duel

Oh those days I miss.


From Ray Jr. Vol. 1 By Ethan Oliver. Written circa 2013

My Interpretation

The Days reflects on the past (from childhood, to start of societies, to beginning of mankind). It reflects on how amazing each day was when you were young, how so many things were still new, full ignorance and sheltered from the truth of how most lives are spent. Then it reflects on the times of hunters and gathers when most of people’s time was spent toward luxury. Before our time filled with the complications, commitments, and a lack of time. Then it goes back to the Garden of Eden when the Earth was perfect, freshly crafted from the Creator. Before humans sinned, before war, while everything was still healthy and plentiful. Humans have come a long way, but does that mean were headed the right way)

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to reach out. I would enjoy hearing your own Interpretation.


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