2020 Vision

Happy New Years!

I really do love this holiday. Just good family, cheerful spirits and it is a cool opportunity to reflect where you been and were you’re going. So that being said I have some exciting announcements regarding Sage.Express!

First, I am extremely excited to welcome two new writers to Sage Express. Nick Guidry and Jammie Lockett.

Both of these guys have absolutely incredible minds and aspire to become skillful writers. Together we are starting a community, to encourage each other along our journeys. We each believe in the power of knowledge, community, and collaboration. We’ve already discussed some creative ideas, i cant wait to share.

Secondly, we are dedicating ourselves to more routine posts throughout 2020. So, new post: Every other Wednesday. Total of 26 pieces throughout 2020. We expect this to help motivate us into writing more often.

Thirdly, Sage.Express now has social media for our most dedicated readers. Our hope is that you use these to stay in touch and follow along as we post our work.

Lastly, I’d like to spend a moment laying out what Sage Express means to us and what you can expect from the site….

We want this to be a place where we can sharpen our writing skills and express creativity. Art can resonate with all different types of people, in so many interesting ways. So, we hope that our stuff is enjoyable, creative, challenging, shocking, funny, and all that good stuff

Again, i am so happy that Nick and Jammie have agreed to write with Sage express. Writing brings us joy, & satisfaction, while allowing us to express ourselves. We simply love it. The creative process, the site, and the community has already probed to be rewarding. So, we genuinely hope that you enjoy

As always, thank you so much for giving us your time and attention. Stay tuned, amazing things are coming soon.

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