Who is Jammie Lockett?

Hello, speaking is a 26 year old African American male from Abilene, Texas. Growing up I heard “product of your environment” a lot, so I don’t think it was a person who was my biggest influence as an author, it was the unforeseen fortune and unfortunate circumstances. I come from poverty, single mother household with my older sister and lil brothers. We’ve all heard these stories but what we don’t hear about is how to make it out. Waking up with the electricity off, no cable, no water at times can restrict your motivation to be optimistic, but with a STRONG single mother never giving up on you, how can you not want more?

I was a sickly child suffering from asthma and etc but my mom was always by my side no matter, so I owe her the world in my eyes and also my second mom Traci Noah for showing me a different life and taking me in as her own. I also want to thank my dad Jammie Lockett Sr. For doing the best he could given his circumstances after prison. Often we feel entitled as if we wasn’t asked to be born so we don’t have to yield and gain understanding. That’s why poverty will never go out of style. If you let unfortunate circumstances and the energy around you determine you then you will be a product of your environment. This is when I elude to the 1% rule, easier said than done when you literally fighting for crumbs.

Being observant as a kid and a true student of life, I was scarred when it came to relationships after witnessing domestic situations and etc. I was afraid of being vulnerable until now when talking about these situations. I had to realize that my narrative is still being written, either by me or someone else . I dug deep into my intuition and what I’ve learned over the years and realized, everyone has a sad story. It’s up to you to create your own glory and dig out of your misery. Yes it takes time and patience but the end result is what we all live for, that’s love and peace. When you get to the phase in life that you are no longer oblivious to what’s around you, it’s life changing. My parents ran the streets, gang affiliated and etc. why does that have to be my story? I am not the 99% that they paint us black males as. I am the 1% who wants more out of life than the strikes we were giving.

When I was younger, around 10 years old I use to write my mother sincere letters of appreciation after seeing the pain she’d endured, still I didn’t take writing seriously. Until recent when i put my introverted ways aside and started sharing my writings with those closest to me and starting getting a good reception. Growing up I always felt like I was an outsider no matter what room I was in but I felt like my presence was undeniable, I just had to activate that button. Once I got feedback, I told my brother avron, I was going to write a book by the end of 2019. My word is bond, so anything I say I’m going to do, it’s already done. Of course it was an uphill battle with the lack of resources of course, but I stayed the course. That’s the difference between the 1%. I had no idea how to reach out to publishers and share my ideas. I just logged onto google of course and started my research. Soon as I started calling around, the second self-publishing company offered me ownership of my work. That’s all I want for my legacy, is generational ownership. I had already had my manuscript completed before I even knew what it meant. I ended up releasing my first poetry book on October 4th, 2019 called Behind the Mask.

I want to give a huge s/o my mom Francesca Marshall, and Traci Noah. Also my brothers Darian Bradford, Jahaziel Robinson, Keevan Lucas, Avron Payne, Jordan Caldwell, Joseph Campos, Deonte Robinson, Mike Clay, Deonte Harris, Quan Johnson, Aaron Flo, Parker Beard, Marcell Porter, Evin Abbe, Aron Abbe, Anthony Dayton, for believing in me throughout the process. I also want to give a s/o to my sisters, Shamel Lockett, Dominique freeman, Eliah Paige, and other women in my life who has played a huge part like Esmy Valencia who motivates me consistently with praise and support along the way. She’s stronger than she even knows and it’s admirable. Also s/o (I know I’m missing a lot of names but gratitude always) to Paisley for her entrepreneurship and inspiring me to just keep going under any odds and big ups to her Lash Extension Salon based out of Austin, Tx , ( http://www.pseyeloveyouatx.com). I want to give a s/o to one of the strongest women and influential women in my life, Baije Smola, for being an legit influence on many lives, not just mine and being a true hustler and one of the most ambitious people I know. She’s been super supportive and I couldn’t ask for a bigger blessing in my corner. Last but not least, I want to give a s/o to Eliah Paige for being there through the thick and thin and being a constant rock even when I was hard to deal with. You’re ambition and entrepreneur mind is unmatched, I’ve needed that. Glad you finally started taking things completely into your own hands with your aesthetics (@electrickbeaute ig).

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my past and I’m constantly paying for them daily but I’ll never shy away. I’m intense, passionate, and I go insane behind my people and my craft. I’m human at the end of the day with endless flaws but I’m growing constantly and I want stop striving till I become the king I was out here to be. I’m one of one and am on a rare mission to literally write all wrongs and break generational curses.

I plan on releasing my second installment and the start of my “free game” trilogy to my poetry collection in the first Quarter of 2020. I also will have a podcast and clothing line by the end of this year. I have no backing or silver spoon but I will die for this, do you see the difference now? Be passionate, be brave, live life, don’t be a slave. Darian Bradford, Keevan Lucas and Jay Robinson, thank you for being my rock my brothers. Love life, love you, love them, be the glue and stay true. R.I.P to Terrance Lockett(lil brother) Willie Lockett(Grandpa) Ida Lee( Grandmother) this is for y’all!

-Jammie Lockett

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