The 1%

Far too often we set our vision on change but our actions speak as if we are ok with a complacent lifestyle, so ask yourself, what separates me?

When the adrenaline of the whole “new year new me” wears off will you still be committed?

We can get online and lie to millions, but when you look into the mirror, when you lay your head at night, are you pleased with the person you’re becoming?

This can be attributed to the lack of guidance or WILLINGNESS to submit to ones own manifestation.

The beauty of a plan is that it always sound good until life hits you in the face. When you are forced to face the harsh reality of self-reflection, will you fold or defeat perception?

The thirst for acceptance and validation leads to the demise of ones true character. MLK didn’t just fight for our rights, he stood frontline so we could stop hiding in the back or behind some likes.

No matter how hard we try, perception will never be reality, it’ll always be a figment of your imagination. It’s time to sharpen my vernacular and close this conversation.

The true essence of ones soul is the demeanor and integrity they possess, not only in the light of day but the darkest shadow of the night.

It’s time that we stop projecting a false narrative for likes and hopes to win the crowd over. The true sacrifice in life is when you make a cautious decision to be yourself and remove that mask.

In order to unite and stand frontline together, we have to sharpen one another, no matter the perception. Love is the bridge, deception will be our fall.

All will not be saved but the individuals who are brave will be legendary. Stand up for you, so you can guide others. You are the 1%. “ The time is always right to do what is right.” -MLK

-Jammie Lockett

Featured Art provided by Thomas Evans


Click the handle to see more of his artwork.

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