Fed Up

He said I’ve told you I’ve been hurt in the past, not for sympathy, but to let you know why this won’t last and you laughed

Sometimes I sit and think about my past and I cry, heart on my sleeves, I’m so sad inside

Insecurities cause no one will listen, if you express vulnerabilities they’ll condemn you

From provers circumstances, this is very much true
Man up, nobody cares

I know the word “toxic” has just became popular but we been dealing with this for centuries now

Every time I lie my head at night I think about what I should’ve said
Then a million thoughts rush through my head

If I remain who she wants me to be everything will be perfect right? Am I good enough? At least we look happy on the gram

Why you compare me so much? I’m not being “sensitive” I’ve just had enough

Why can’t I protect you and love you at the same time?

Why can’t I be gentle and hug you, but be a man at the same time?

Why you love perception so much? Why your miserable friends saying so much?

Why can’t we complement instead of compromise?

We’ve made this illusion the standard and now we love under condition and false pretense

I can’t grow with you if you don’t respect me like I respect you
When I’m fed up just know I’m through

It may not make sense now but when it’s all said and done you’ll see the proof

It’s crazy how I love you more than you love you

Crazy how perception is the only glue that’s holding you

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