Start. Get up. Move. These words pop in my head like oil on a fire. They sit and sizzle, heating my cerebral pan with a spectrum of feelings – ambition, fear, optimism, regret. Why is is so hard to begin the very thing I’m most certain will bring me happiness. It’s a matter of discipline, and my goal as I sit here and begin to grind the gears of my literary machine is to knock off the rust in these lines, these channels of my craft, and release the flow of the creative rivers of my mind. As I sit here and begin to conjure words, the fear of failure already trickles its way into my consciousness. Where does it come from? Why must my mind sit here and fight my soul on my ambition? Have years of sedentary practice and a lack of direction atrophied my talents? Where I am, where I want to be, and where I could be all seem to be growing apart in distance. How will I ever catch up to the ghost of my ideal self?

I know that answer. Even as I write I see the evidence populating in the words before me. I look back at the past and what I should have been doing. I look ahead at some future that I’m worried I might not ever see. My introspective periscope has failed me in not honing in on the present – where I am now and what is happening right in front of me. The change happens here.

Inertia is defined as the resistance of an object to any change in its motion. The inertia I’m talking about here could simply be stated as the resistance to change the direction of one’s life. The frustrating thing with life inertia is that I am almost always actively aware of it, yet seem powerless against it. I can now see where that feckless feeling comes from.

Once again, it is a failure to live in the present. Inertia is the resistance to move, and the only way to move is to do it here and now. Don’t dwell on past moves either made or missed. Don’t dream on future moves that seem forever out of reach because of past failures. Move now and move forward, regardless of how small that motion may be. And once moving, suddenly inertia begins to work in one’s favor. Now the change in motion resisted will be stopping or slowing down.

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