So Divine

You want to know the truth?
Listen to my voice.

She expressed in such a deliberate manner

Don’t be shallow and just listen to the words, study me

For once listen to the pain, be aware of how my lips tremble from being objectified

Feel my palms get sweaty because there’s no room in society for me to be vulnerable

Seek how my skin crawls because my divinity is continuously overlooked

Make it about me for once
I lash out because that’s the only time you listen

No words can explain this constant prison that we call home

You say you love me but it’s only when I’m with you, so it’s conditional

How can you disrespect the being who made you

How dare you Question my individuality
My soul was filled with purity now I hate you and the next man too

At least I did……now you sick

I found my power once again

That’s the difference
My story just began and your chapter has met its end

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