Immortal, at least that was my perception of you

Often we take moments for granted, at least I did

Your love was unconditional, I thought you would live forever, naive I know but let me explain

I was only 14, I didn’t have much but you took me in despite the fact

Loved me despite the fact that I was black, crazy how insane that is in America in fact

As these tears roll down, I feel selfish because you now rest in paradise

I just wish for one more time I could hold you tight

As long as I live life, I’ll continue to shed light

You never know how serious a matter is until it’s at your door step, but fuck cancer,

I hope that’s clear

For you I’ll leave it there, as we start
celebrating life and the moments we shared

Gave me a home when you didn’t have to care

Gave me a family when my own blood wasn’t there

Now I stare, at the beautiful moon and the stars up there

It’s a little different now when I look up there

Nothing but a rodeo, and hearing country music blare

Just know I love you unconditionally and thank you for the moments shared

I’m going to leave it there

Until I see you again

Rest in Paradise Mom

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