With In

The seeker gazed out over the waves.

Attacking and then retreating.

He had walked so far, until he could walk no further.

He had climbed on top of mountains.

He had floated along rivers.

He had soared among clouds.

He had crawled through caves.

The seeker knew he needed something, and yet he knew not what.

He wondered and pondered and longed for any answer.

He begged the world, to no avail.

He was lost

And he was seeking

something, somewhere, someone?

He knew not what. 

And now, he could wonder no further.

His eyes grew tired while his breath drew thin.

His feet were worn, while his face was torn

The sea stopped his journey and he could not return home.

Stuck, and perplexed he took in a breath, closed his eyes, and entered the world within.

The sand between his toes vanished

The waves fell silent

The wind came to be calm.

First, there was pain

As he remembered his name

feeling a flood of shame.

He recalled those he had loved and those he had lost.

He felt his mistakes deep in his gut.

His flaws and imperfections were overwhelming…

at first… but then

Epiphany struck him like lightning and Wisdom washed his mind.

Clarity and peace resonated.

He smiled while his closed eyes dripped tears.

An acceptance of his past life

And hope for the new life to come

The seeker had traveled all this way

only to realize

that the place

and the thing

and the person

that he sought

had always been


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