Black Nation

For those who stand frontline may be slayed, but granted with honor and peace

For our sanity we must protect our skin and our soil

For our economy we must get our heads in the very book they’ve been hiding from us

For our women, we must protect at all cost because that’s who protect us

For our nation we must stand and unite against all who manipulates and exploit our culture

For our resources, we must get rid of individualism and unite to build assets

For our young life, we must guide and not destroy with opioids and destructive advice

For you, I see me in the reflection of your eyes when I glance, we are one

For us, as we are the original people, I pray for peace and sanity for you all

I love you as I love myself, with 2 we can rise but with one we won’t survive

Everything sincere,

-Jammie Lockett

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