A Muse Created The Stars

The warmth while under your soft complexion

Your nurturing spirit, a walking addiction can be dangerous

A muse can be so enticing in fact, the unique admiration for ones canvas

The mere adoration, even from a distance

Every piece of art starts in the clouds, then you present the canvas while the world waits to judge

Without even a splatter of contour to address the palette, the perception is lit as your aura sets the foundation on fire

The pain in those beautiful eyes as I gaze for a lifetime or at nighttime….is there ever a right time

Its all a blur at this point, time is an illusion when it comes to you…..I’d rather just enjoy the fruit

The sanity you provide, even when under the wraith of your past dealings

I often listen to the sound of your voice repeat in my head, it provides light and solitude, meditation of sorts

A muse in a world of her own, it’s truly admirable, no matter the outcome of this dimension we represent, I’m grateful to have experienced you

Don’t mean to hold you up, but I pray I never let you down, even when the world does

I’m committed to being your confidant, no matter the capacity in which we exist

The muse gave me light and clarity

but she gave the world stars

For that I give my gratitude, no matter the shift of the realm

You are the canvas

Peace beloved

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