State of Emergency

Poverty allows the indignity of the rich to feed off the flesh of the weak
400 years of slavery and they still want me to be humble and weak

I am the black sheep of the land of the free
Home of the brave but we scared to sleep
Claims of diversity but they gentrified the streets

You say I’m a minority so subconsciously I’ll never be free
Truth is you really scared of me

The unapologetic black man with a book in his hand
Knife at my throat and still I stand

No hand out, even if I have to stand alone
I’ll never sell out
Systematically we are often defined by who you’d rather us be

We are not objects, we are the catalyst to progress
As we discuss the injustice and dissect the mass incarceration brought to you by the leader of our nation

You want to build a wall and eliminate immigration but letting killer cops receive paid vacations

I thought the land of the free had open arms
You separating families forcefully so how can you stand to see your reflection
How can you put a kid in a cage and say behave

Morally it’s sad to see
Example of why we have to unite and bridge the disconnect and gain better intellect

We have to get rid of liabilities and fill the vacancies
More activist and less make believes
Sincere motives and more legacies
We have to love one another in order to be set free

Until then the cycle will never end
My brother and sister with you I stand

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