Street Poetry

How can you be my OPP if I want the best for you

How can you hate me when I was loyal to you, oh you hating because I didn’t rescue you?

I swear the streets is done, no code just loaded guns

They aiming at babies with they eyes closed, spraying at everything but they shadow

Another lost soul, a lot of sorrow, momma wearing a black dress like a wedding gown, it’s normal now

I gave you game and you was suppose to spread that, you decided to fold, it was like you planned that

No honor in the game, I can never respect that

They said the game was to be sold and never told

That shit was the worse advice I’ve ever been told, if we don’t pass the game how can this cycle be broke

Fake OG’s fucking up the game now, that boy was 16 and now he crashed out

Looking at 25, I guess he a man now, that boy never had a chance to make his momma proud

True game is presented not just talked about, accountability starts with the one who wears the crown

If you drop dead today, who go hold you down? or hold you up….help your family circulate a few bucks

It’s all about creating a legacy chain, same last names and equity strains

I’m not here with answers just free game, this is street poetry

This life is not a game

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