Tap Dancing In The Streets

Tap Dancing In The Streets

It’s always random for the heartless, 20 years, he grew a heart quick

Momma crying, she knew that soul left her son quick

Pain from terrorizing these streets for years, apologies flowing from his lips

What if it’s too late? I should of stayed on the sidewalks but I wanted to prove I could make my own plate

Street politics I wasn’t aware of, loaded pistol but I was shooting blind

Trying to fit in but I was just buying time

I wasn’t built for this life but I got in too deep

Fake OG’s, damn I wish someone would’ve warned me

There’s no handbook for this street code

Got jammed up for a homicide, this where my story unfolds

Voice of interrogation, they asking was it me

They threatening my family, asking me to just cop a plea

I already put momma through pain and agony

First 48, he just ratted on his whole faculty

Once the voice of the streets, now them killas after me

The cycle continues, for street cred it’s just another homicide

I shoulda stayed on the sidewalk instead of wiping my mommas eyes

Tap dancing in the streets got me full of heat

Talking to them police will leave you 6 feet deep

Having one foot in and one foot out will have you down in a drought

Don’t believe in the hype, that quick money can wait

Invest in your dreams, instead of having ya momma stay up late

Wondering will you escape

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