Love is,

Often we fall in love with the idea of love because that’s the only hope for us

I still ask what is love

Ever seen the reflection of your soul and been satisfied

Love is not defined by how those feel of you

It’s the purified energy within you and the aura you possess

We often obsess with validation and meaningless conversations

We should focus on Manifestation and appreciation through our rapid maturation

The constant void we try to feel with someone else is an illusion until we love ourselves

Often we compromise true self when around peers because we don’t know true self when we are alone

Your purified energy is meant to attract those who are right for you

The best drugs are bad for you

That’s why toxic energy is so compatible
What would you rather do

Continue to settle for less and be miserable
Or love thyself, be loved and treated magical

The preference is obvious but we continue to be irrational
This takes me back to the root of the problem

Do you know thyself, or are you highly dependent on validation from someone else

Love doesn’t have to be an illusion if we can stop the confusion

All this toxic masculinity, pride, and generational, emotional and physical abusing

Love is peace
Love is grace
Love is the universe
Love is you

What is life if love is not the glue
I love me and I love you

  1. I love this.. Im a good friend of ur moms an aunt’s.. This is so amazing.. Keep speaking cause people are listening!! Stay blessed!!
    A friend Amy H.

    Liked by 1 person

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