Jaded Games

All it takes is one ache, feels like the ground is shaking when you are not around

I’m empty like the muse disappeared from the canvas, imagery of you laying jaded spooked me for the moment

Until I realized we only have that moment, the present of you that I took for granted, no matter the apologies, the impact you left was outstanding

Often we move too fast even though all we have is life, wondering about tomorrow but the most important moment is tonight

For you I give my all too, unconditional, even though my actions were impartial

Never doubt that dream we had in the winter time, when the summer comes around I hope you still mine

When I lay my eyes to rest, I’d be at peace knowing that I experienced you

Be my sanity until the winter is blue

Snowflakes as we arise, may the chills between your thighs remember me

Even if this is a goodbye, thank you

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