Never wanted to think about loyalty being seasonal until the seasons flew….and you went with the way of the wind

As it was traveling at a light degree, only for hearts to gleam as our vessels were no longer connected

Love without loyalty is a steep price that the ninety-nine percentile flirt with and abuse, as so little souls pick and choose which pieces worth repair

Heart cold as the winter time, below 8 but I still didn’t see the signs, your precise manipulation had me confused at times

Once upon a time, this little light of mine dimmed, no replacements in sight

Heart beating fast and my gut twisted & got tight, as it darkened and the winter bloomed, I was in a pitch black room, no light in sight

They say when you play with fire, you’ll get burnt, but what happens when that fire is disguised as loyalty and love, ashes to ashes

We often use our own inner grace and integrity to project onto those who obsessive with toxic agendas

When does one learn?

How does one sleep?

Don’t tell me you love, just love me as an actionable resolve

Don’t tell me you loyal to me, just be loyal to me like a contract clause

Above all, what is love without loyalty, and why isn’t loyalty above all?

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