Red Heart Emoji

Maybe the wait is over, maybe it’s time for you and I, or maybe waiting is suicide

Unconditional love under one condition, always felt like something was missing

On a precise day where the red stars glistened, and we became reminiscent….on what could have been

Where was the unconditional touch, on the days where the world was still spinning

Often we never listen when the heart aches, begging for attention

The subtle difference, but on this day it always feels different, like there’s no condition

I miss that passion when I first heard you gasping, voice softened with grace, elegant taste, glow flowing down your complexion

Caressing with more than energy, we were all of a sudden more then friends I see, an abundance of intimacy

Chills down your spine, as the world was in a sudden loop, as I played that song again

If this world were mine, I’d give you the deed, as I proceed to undress you like my muse

On this one special day, everything seemed unconditional, at life’s pinnacle, it’s you I choose, so can we replay this moment for another day or two

Happy Valentine’s Day even when the seasons change, I hope you still taste the same

Soul ties falling like winter rain, are those tears of shame or blame? It’ll always be you that I claim

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