Often we labeled as the aggressors, yelling out fuck you I just finished it

So what if my clip loaded, I remember shit

Black lives won’t matter until we separate, educate, create our own economy and elevate

These laws are loose shake, as they continue to outdate this constitution, dressing it up like it keeps us safe but it’s really still black hate

Infiltrating our culture but don’t understand the plait, they love it here but when we speak proper we sound white

Out of sight, out of mind, they keep mentioning black on black crime but……

They continue to gentrify and eliminate resources so it’s eat or be killed

How can you live under these conditions and false pretenses when the government don’t give a damn how you live..or been living

Oh she thought it was a taser, the other bitch thought it was her house and forgot I was her neighbor

No matter the disrespect, the verdict is never correct

War on our skin but what’s new and what’s next?

Not enough melanin, are you upset?

Blatant culture appropriation but we continue to forgive, desensitized but what if that was your kid?

Welcome to Amerikkka where we can’t live fly

Screaming fuck the police until I see change

“It wasn’t me, it was him” but your silence leave you to blame

Why can’t I be righteous and still wear a few chains?

If you still on the fence then just stay there

It’s a state of emergency, you should have been here

These white cops killing our youth, we can’t keep living in fear

Fuck Amerikkka and fuck cops…….Ima just leave there

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