One of One

Hoops and lipstick to match your outfit, compliments your complexion

That beautiful smile tells me that you don’t care about acceptance or perception

The way you put that shit on, you had my mind made up

A muse in her own skin, so radiate and rare

Only if there was a playlist to describe you, oh wait

I imagine how elegant you taste, like every drop on the canvas I’m interested in figuring you out

Like where you from and where you been, but not on surface….more within

I sense an immaculate presence in the stars somewhere

A muse created the stars, that’s where the rarity exist

The exclusivity made you hard to resist

I assume I’m just ranting in the moment as I do at times

A beautiful piece of art deserves its own display

I know there’s pain and flaws but at this moment and time everything is everything

It’s your world, I just like to spend some time in it

Your intelligence and grace makes you standout

Divine timing, I’m just happy everything isn’t planned out

You’re a blessing and I pray your time never runs out

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