A Book About Adventure



The plastic gave a satisfying crunch as my scissors tore through. This plant had already outgrown it’s cheap vessel. The roots crowded and pressed outwardly, desperately seeking for some room to grow. As my fingers dug into the soil it couldn’t help but reminisce my childhood. Memories of the countless hours spent playing outside and […]

A stroll through the city

He walked with the pace of a man that had no where to be. The swagger of a man who has fallen in love with a city. The life. The chaos. The sounds. The culture. Skate boarders roar and storm the streets. No stranger to these honks and these beeps. The tires that screech and […]

The Days

Oh how I miss the days Where the days would come and fade away Consistently with no lay-away. Throw away the days Spent in the sun having fun And a lack of responsibility. Now we walk, we don’t run A lot of talk about how it used to be. We say day but we mean […]


A modest novice, Eventually a hubris human. Fresh mind isn’t monotonous, Cognition is zooming. A rash dash to prove it Rendition is moving. Torturing the novice in this foreign world, Is what the veterans are doing. The novice white as can be While the grey turn black. Whites are too bright For the grey to […]

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